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Interview: Hannah Pearl Utt on Gravitating Towards a Fantastic Nightmare of a Character in ‘Cora Bora’

Cora Bora is a comedy-drama about a musician who definitely does not have her life together going back home to Portland to try rescue a flailing relationship. Meg Stalter, a standout ensemble player from Hacks, stars as the title character, who was interesting enough to compel director Hannah Pearl Utt to take on this project after reading the first script from Rhianon Jones.

Awards Buzz spoke with Utt about the process of reworking the story and crafting a teriffic narrative with Stalter at the center. Watch the video above to hear how Utt feels about acting in her own projects and her experiences returning to SXSW this year as a cast member of Omni Loop.

Cora Bora had its world premiere at the 2023 SXSW Film and TV Festival and is now playing in theaters.


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