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Interview: Charlie Plummer and Eve Lindley on Queer Rodeo and Discovering their Characters in ‘National Anthem’

Director Luke Gilford’s first feature, National Anthem, is an impressive and visually astounding debut for the established photographer, whose interest in the queer rodeo led him first to create a monograph on which he based the film. Charlie Plummer stars as a construction worker hired to work at a ranch where openness and acceptance reign, and he is forever transformed when he meets and get to know the transfixing Sky, played by Eve Lindley.

Awards Buzz spoke with Plummer and Lindley to learn what they knew about queer rodeo before signing on to the film. Watch the video above to hear how they connected with their characters and where they found important differences that allowed them to flesh out even more meaning from their portrayals.

National Anthem had its world premiere at the 2023 SXSW Film and TV Festival and will be released in select cities on Friday, July 12th before expanding wide on Friday, July 19th.


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