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Interview: Composer Jeff Russo on Writing Music for ‘Fargo,’ ‘Ripley,’ ‘Star Trek: Discovery,’ and ‘Bosch: Legacy’

It’s been a busy year for Jeff Russo. Emmy-nominated for every season of Fargo so far (he won for season three), he’s back in contention again this season for season five of the Minnesota-set crime drama, starring Juno Temple and Jon Hamm. Russo is no stranger to franchise properties, working on the music for the latest Star Trek and Bosch entries, and approached his work on Ripley without knowledge of the 1999 film that’s also based on the same material.

Awards Buzz spoke with Russo about writing music to specific characters and some of his favorite tracks from previous seasons of Fargo and his other projects. Watch the video above to hear about some of the highlights of his career, including scores for Legion and Counterpart.

Russo’s work can be heard on Fargo (Hulu), Ripley (Netflix), Star Trek: Discovery (Paramount+), and Bosch: Legacy (Amazon Freevee).


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