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Interview: Gina Rodriguez on Celebrating Life and Season 3 of ‘Not Dead Yet’

Gina Rodriguez rose to prominence for her Golden Globe-winning turn as the title character in the CW telenovela Jane the Virgin. Since then, she’s starred in movies like Miss Bala, Annihilation, and Kajillionaire. Now, she’s headlining another broadcast network TV series, Not Dead Yet, portraying Nell Serrano, whose job as an obituary writer comes with the unexpected consequence of being able to see the recently deceased people she’s writing about whether she wants to or not.

Awards Buzz spoke with Rodriguez about story and romance arcs in season two, and what might be ahead in a theoretical third season for both Nell and the show. Watch the video above to hear whether she relates more to the character of Nell or Jane, and how she’s enjoyed the experience of being part of both series.

Gina Rodriguez is eligible for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series at this year’s Emmy Awards. The first two seasons of Not Dead Yet originally aired on ABC and are also available to stream on Hulu.


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