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Interview: Jovan Adepo on Getting into the Fascinating World of ‘3 Body Problem’

Adapted from the popular novel of the same name from the Remembrance of Earth’s Past series by Liu Cixin, Netflix’s 3 Body Problem is a bold and immersive sci-fi story spanning continents and looking far beyond the traditional limits of human perception. At the forefront of this series is Jovan Adepo, who portrays physics research assistant Saul Durand.

Awards Buzz spoke with Adepo about the complexities of the narrative and what drew him to this series. Watch the video above to learn about the experience of working with creators David Benioff, D.B. Weiss, and Alexander Woo and a fantastic ensemble.

Jovan Adepo is eligible for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series at this year’s Emmy Awards. Season one of 3 Body Problem is available to stream on Netflix.


  • Abe Friedtanzer

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