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Interview: Quinn Shephard and Samir Mehta on Defying Expectations with ‘Under the Bridge’

Under the Bridge

It’s quite disturbing to learn what people are capable of and to see how communities respond when unsettling events occur in their midst. Rebecca Godfrey’s 2005 nonfiction book Under the Bridge explores the 1997 killing of British Columbia teenager Reena Virk. Riley Keough stars as Godfrey opposite Lily Gladstone as local police officer Cam Bentland in Hulu’s limited series adaptation, from creator Quinn Shephard and showrunner Samir Mehta.

Awards Buzz spoke with Shephard and Mehta about how they approach this project, an intriguing follow-up to Shephard’s feature films Blame and Not Okay and Mehta’s work on Tell Me Lies and Fear the Walking Dead. Watch the video above to learn what mattered most for them to incorporate and how the series came together.

The first two episodes of Under the Bridge premiere Wednesday, April 17th on Hulu, with new episodes debuting weekly on Wednesdays through May 29th.


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